Nature Strip Planting

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This was one of the topics discussed at the meeting last night which is also a favourite of mine, as it feels like one of those things that seems so simple and yet will have a big impact if the masses join in. Personally, I don’t see why we have a lawn, let alone a […]

The Global Carbon Budget

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Here are some clear explanations and graphics from World Resources Institute to help understand the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Report (IPCC).  We think that it might be helpful for you as you talk about climate change with your family and friends.

Solar Hot Water System

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Earthworker has seen a few ups and downs in its journey to create community-based renewable energy manufacturing in Australia, but we are now on the cusp of our first mass-distribution of solar hot water systems! The BOLT-ON is a highly efficient Australian-designed solar heat pump that is an affordable and easy way to start using […]

Poo Power!

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Poo Power!

Warning: Content may be offensive – has references to dog poo! We love dogs and dogs have great lives here in Australia.  There are so many parks for them to explore and roam.  Many even allow them to be off-leash.  But one of the things dogs do in parks (and other places) is poo.  Isn’t […]

Earth Hour 2014 – Use Your Power

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The Maroondah Family Event that was held when the world observed Earth Hour on Saturday, 29th March, with Maroondah Council hosting ’Tales by Torchlight’ at the Federation Estate in Greenwood Ave, Ringwood, went really well! There was about 100 people who enjoyed the puppet show ‘The Dreamer ‘ by the Deep Puppet Theatre and the Special Earth Hour documentary […]

Earth Hour Planning and AGM Part II 23/3/2014

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Earth Hour Planning and AGM Part II 23/3/2014

We have finalised the Core Group membership and the new Core Group office bearers are: President: Jan Down Vice-President: Mary Williamson Secretary: Stuart Lewien Treasurer: Michael Down Chris presented some very interesting information and ideas on public transport and new technology such as small, solar-powered electric buses (Tindo) being trialled in Adelaide.  Also Personal Rapid […]