A Free Melbourne University Course On Climate Change

Posted by Pam French on Tue 05 August 2014

A FREE MELBOURNE UNIVERSITY COURSE ON CLIMATE CHANGE - to help understand what climate change is and what we should do about it. NB the course begins on 11th August so make haste!


On Line, this course is designed to help you think about how Climate Change will affect you as an individual, as a member of a local community, as a citizen of your country and a member of the global community.
(I know one girl who loved it so much that she is doing it again!)

Categories include :

  • Economics and Finance
  • Humanities
  • Energy and Earth Sciences.

Instructors from Melbourne University include :

  • David Karoly, (speaking at Mooroolbark on 27th August)
  • Rachel Webster
  • John Freebairn
  • Jon Barnett
  • Maurizio Toscano