Breakthrough 2014

Posted by Pam French on Tue 10 June 2014

Bad News :- Climate change is no longer something that will happen. It is happening. Did you hear the latest about the melting of the Western Antarctic ice-sheet?

Good News!!!!!:- There are hundreds of groups like ours in Victoria many doing really great things.

*   Here is an opportunity to get together, share and hopefully arrive at unified action.

Please email to coordinate travel etc.

Further great news !!!!! announced on 5th June. ................. but where was it heralded in the Herald/Sun , the Age, the Australian, on TV news.?????? We ARE a clever country!!

*    'World First - Australian solar plant has generated 'supercritical' steam that rivals fossil fuels' - a CSIRO test plant has broken a world record and proved that solar power could efficiently replace fossil fuels!!!!

:-) Would you please alert your friends on Facebook etc to these startling and exciting notifications. >:o