Food for Thought - Doing it Yourselves

Posted by Pam French on Tue 26 August 2014
Future events and current thinking
Transition Towns Maroondah is part of a world wide movement. We are all connected. Here is what is going on in the Preston area. As you can see, other groups face the same ideas as we do. 
***Do you have any ideas?***
For those who can find the time to listen to an authority on economics and environment Nicole Foss is well worth your time.
Some of us went to the last talk and found it most interesting and it surely provided much food for thought. We will certainly be going to this next event as proposed. Connecting with other groups can open up new ideas and new actions.
This is part of an email from ‘Doing it yourselves’.
Following the Nicole Foss and David Holmgren talk.

While some felt that Nicole Foss was pulling her punches at the Melbourne talk with David Holmgren last month, there is no doubt that the event was a succinct reminder of the scale of the challenges we're facing ahead, personally, locally, globally. Seated in the audience, I had the sense of the talks functioning as a kind of 'you're not alone' rallying of the troops for transition; a couple of guides in the dark reaching out to connect isolated hopefuls to each other. So, again, we ask, where to now?

What do we need to be doing to stay connected to other transition minded folks, and how do we start reaching people in our communities who aren't already transition minded?

How do we reach the people in our communities with positions valuable for strategic decision making so that they're on side supporting and promoting small scale initiatives for local resilience?
How do we ensure our work in growing veggies, attending food swaps, buying local organic foods, supporting community gardens (and the list goes on) not only prospers for ourselves, but is contagious within our local neighbourhoods, supported by a hopefully increasingly rich and diverse manifestation of localising resilience?

So Doing It Ourselves folks have been thinking about how we can branch out from preaching to the converted and really make a difference. **We're proposing another Nicole Foss event in late September** when she'll be back here again with a completely different format. We've currently got four ideas and we'd like to get your feedback on which one you think might work best (we wish we could do them all, and maybe we could if some of you felt like donating funds). So here are the four ideas: 1\. We invite community leaders to a Nicole Foss talk. We're thinking cultural/ethnic leaders, indigenous elders, journalists, council people, leaders from the social, environmental and union movements, religious leaders etc (if you like this option please also send us suggestions for who to invite - we'll need to get the invites out soon). 2\. We do a big letterbox drop and invite a chunk of Preston to a Nicole Foss talk. 3\. We do both of the above and have the community leaders and the neighbourhood folks come to the same talk. 4\. We organise a public debate between Nicole and someone representing either large scale renewable energy or left wing but non-collapse economics (again please send us ideas for who would be good, so far thinking of maybe asking Matt Wright or Kenneth Davidson?) So what do you think would work best?