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Posted by Karen Cheah on Mon 13 April 2015

We’ve been discussing environmental degradation since the 70’s, if not before, but I feel like now it’s beginning to hit home, and hit hard. It’s not uncommon to feel sad because:

  • That little wilderness you loved playing in as a kid has been > covered by a housing development

  • You can’t see the stars from your parents’ house anymore

  • You don’t hear the frogs sing at night anymore, either.

  • When you hike you feel like it’s awfully quiet. Where have the birds > gone?

  • The fish seem to have left that spot you used to fish at with your > grandpa

  • As you drive in the mountains you notice half the trees are turning > brown

Which of the above for you?  My little wilderness is definitely gone long ago and we just can't get any fish anymore even though we are supposed to be more experienced now!

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