Historical List of Events/Activities

Posted by Administrator on Sun 16 March 2014


* Small group of people gathered to initiate Transition Towns Maroondah in March 2009

* Transition Towns stall at Maroondah Festival 2009. These have continued through to 2013 and on-going.

* Information Night held at Karalyka in November 2009 (72 people attended)

* Meeting at All Smiles of key interested people – 22 people attended

* Initiating Group changed its name to Core Group Nov 2009

* Visioning Workshop December 2009

* Working Groups formed focusing on Transport; Food and Reskilling; Community Engagement and Participation

* Launch of website December 2009

* Film Nights January and February 2010

* Teamed with 8 other Transition Initiatives to create A Transition Town Stall at the Sustainable Living Festival February 2010

* Weekend Workshop – March 2010

* Monthly gatherings commenced March 2010 (4th Sunday of each month) and are on-going

* Worked with Tintern and Croydon West Primary School to create Ride2School events

* Worked with Eastwood Primary School to build community garden

* Working in partnership with LETS, Organic Backyards Out East, SGA POD (see our links for explanation of acronyms!)

* Hosted film nights, presentations and practical workshops at monthly gatherings from 2010 to 2013 (and on-going)

* September 2011 partnered with Maroondah Council to publicly host the film 'The Economics of Happiness' to which 270 people came.

*Partnered with Maroondah Council to publicly host the film 'Home' in February 2012

*Contributing to the consultations arranged by Council on the Structure Plans for East Ringwood and Heathmont - i.e. town planning for two small shopping centres and their immediate neighbourhoods

* Continuing to host monthly gatherings at East Ringwood (Films, Speakers, Food Swaps; library; re-skilling sharing etc).

Now have several projects up and running, including Ground to Ground (collecting coffee grounds from cafes for gardens); Croydon Food Swap and Gardening Group; and the WasteLess Household Challenge.

6th November 2013 - became an incorporated group, allowing TTM to apply for grants, and providing some legal protection for the Core Group

Have written letters in support of various enterprises and sustainability initiatives in the community - e.g. a letter supporting a neighbourhood house in its application for funding from Council to create a community garden

Advocated for better public transport, cycling and pedestrian infrastructure in Maroondah

Advocated for a more sustainable shopping centre development

(If you are reading this and know of something we have left out, please email and let us know!! There has been so much done in the last four or five years, it's hard to keep up with it all. Thanks!)