Nature Strip Planting

Posted by Karen Cheah on Mon 28 April 2014

This was one of the topics discussed at the meeting last night which is also a favourite of mine, as it feels like one of those things that seems so simple and yet will have a big impact if the masses join in.

Personally, I don't see why we have a lawn, let alone a nature strip.  We have to irrigate, aerate and feed the lawn, and when it grows, we have to mow it down.  Well, I don't do the first 3 but I still have to mow it!  Here's an interesting article on why lawns are not sustainable.

But coming back to the nature strip, here's an article of someone who has turned his nature strip into a community garden.  And I happen to stumble upon this page which has great ideas and nice artist impressions of the more productive nature strips.  Can't wait to start on a project like this when I eventually finish ripping out my lawn!