C96 and C97 amendments

Update April 2018 This campaign is now closed! Thank you for your participation.

The C96 and C97 amendments for the Activity Centre Structure Plans are currently on the desk and under review by state politician: Richard Wynne MP.

Please support our campaign against excessive high rise development (5 and 6+ storey buildings!) in Ringwood East and Heathmont’s commercial zones by sending a message that we support and WANT the amendments to go through.

We all appreciate the need for quality housing in an area of increased population growth such as Melbourne and its surrounds BUT we want to retain the green, leafy feel of these communities and want a cap on high-rise development!

Please Note: If these amendments are not passed - the structure plans will be discarded and the council will not be able to halt development. The current plans took at least 3 years… and a lot of your council’s money.