Eastern Region Food Co-Operative

Welcome to the Eastern Region Food Co-Operative (ERFCO) page.

ERFCO is an amazing co-operative right here in the heart of Maroondah and has been running since the 1970's! Working in partnership with Transition Towns Maroondah, ERFCO is seeking new members to join up and benefit from a combined buying power.

Five times a year non-perishable food like dried fruit, nuts, grains, flour, sugar, beans, lentils, and also honey and peanut butter, are bought in bulk, mainly from NSM in Brunswick. Food co-op members order what they need – the quantity can be small or large. The collection point is in Croydon South or Heathmont. You bring your own containers or bags, plus scales, and weigh out the food you have ordered.

Because it is a co-op, there is a roster for members to help out with things like collecting the food, unpacking it, doing the money, cleaning up and sending out the bi-monthly newsletter and order forms. None of these is terribly onerous!

Costs are generally considerably cheaper than supermarkets. There is a small annual fee ($10) plus a small surcharge (5%). These cover costs such as containers for left-over food and any wastage that may occur. Collections are on the last Saturday of the month in February, May, July and November, from 2pm – 3pm. In September the date is the third Saturday. A newsletter and order form are sent out prior to each collection date.

For more information, or a list of food products available, email Lloyd at: easternregionfoodcoop@yahoo.com