Ground to Ground

Did you know… every cappuccino or espresso leaves around 20 grams of coffee grounds, which are usually thrown into the bin, and end up in landfill?

Ground to Ground is an initiative that began right here in Melbourne in 2010. Since then the movement has grown rapidly throughout the city and even other parts of the world. Visit for heaps of great information about collecting and using coffee grounds

Why save coffee grounds from landfill?

Coffee grounds are great for the garden! Collecting them from cafes also helps keep them out of landfill, so they don’t create greenhouse gas emissions – a win for your garden and for the planet.

Imagine how many cafes there are in Melbourne, how many cups of coffee are made every day, and how much of this fantastic resource is thrown out! For some fascinating statistics and really helpful information, visit

Reduces production of methane (an extremely potent greenhouse gas) which occurs while decomposing in landfill. Great for your garden – good source of nitrogen, calcium and magnesium Free local resource – turn a waste product into fantastic compost

How to use the coffee grounds?

Put them in your compost bin or worm farm Dig into raised garden beds Scatter them around the base of fruit trees or over the lawn Give away to family and neighbours Dry them and spread around seedlings to deter slugs and snails

Want to get involved?

You can take the initiative and ask your local cafe what they do with their used coffee grounds.

Many cafes are happy to let you collect coffee grounds, and willing to keep them separate from other waste. Visit a cafe near you and ask if you could supply a bucket with a lid for collecting used coffee grounds – say once or twice a week, depending on your needs. (You will need two buckets, so you can drop off an empty one when you collect the full one.) You may need to be flexible – some cafes may only want to use large plastic bags. The used bags can be put in the special soft plastics recycling bin at Coles, and they will be turned into furniture.

Once you have an arrangement with a friendly cafe, it’s important to be regular, and let them know in advance if you won’t be able to come in (or ask a friend to fill in for you).

USE SAFE LIFTING TECHNIQUES – coffee grounds are heavy. Don’t lift buckets or bags too heavy for you – and when you lift, keep your back straight and bend at the knees.

Don’t worry about having to collect ALL the coffee grounds produced by one cafe! Generally they will just throw out what is not collected. But if you can find others to collect on different days of the week, that’s even better.

Contact TTM’s Ground-to-Ground members!

You can contact us about how to get involved with existing cafe collections in the Maroondah area. We’ll put you in touch with one of our member’s who’s actively involved in the project.