Poo Power!

Posted by Karen Cheah on Thu 03 April 2014

Warning: Content may be offensive - has references to dog poo!

We love dogs and dogs have great lives here in Australia.  There are so many parks for them to explore and roam.  Many even allow them to be off-leash.  But one of the things dogs do in parks (and other places) is poo.  Isn't it horrible to step on icky smelly poo?  But at the same time, it's such a waste for the poo to go into a plastic bag, into the bin, contributing to more landfill.

I wrote about free energy in my last post.  Did you know that dog poo can be a great source of free energy? Maybe even sustainable, depending on how much you feed them :)  If you haven't heard about it, read about the Poo Power! biogas generator that can be used to light up our parks (so the dogs can have more walks and poo more, LOL!).

I wonder if Maroondah Council will be the first to implement this.  It would be a great start to power our town with renewable energy while keeping our parks and waterways cleaner.  If you would like to help kickstart this project, write to your council.  I have.  (See sample on what you can do to help).