Power our town with renewable energy

Posted by Karen Cheah on Mon 17 March 2014

How would you like free energy?  Who wouldn't, with the price of energy rising like hot air and defying the 'law of what goes up must come down'?  So now you can answer the riddle to "what goes up and never comes down" :)  But more importantly, we want to be sustainable.  We want to use renewable energy.

Free and renewable energy is all around us but we just need to harvest it.  So how do we do it?  There are so many options out there which probably have made us indecisive and remaining in status quo.  Let's read about how how this tiny German town became self-sufficient.

I hope the article that was posted on the Climate Council will inspire us.  Whilst our town may not have a lot of land to install wind turbine nor any pig manure and unused corn (maybe in the future if we all turn our lawns into vegetable gardens?), we do have a lot of dog poo!  But I will write about how we can use this 'free energy' in the next article.

So in the meantime, let's crack our heads on how we can be a part of the high-renewables energy future!  Let the energy flow...