Sustainable Name Tags

Posted by Karen Cheah on Fri 13 February 2015

I feel terrible using stickers as name tags, which get thrown out after an event.  I have been saving plastic name holders to be reused at each food swap but lately, I've had to resort to sticker labels which I'm running out of.  Instead of buying more, I've decided to find out how to tackle this 'waste' issue.

I've found 2 interesting ways - using old newspaper or other scrap paper but will need to find enough safety pins, and using recycled card stock held onto string with crocodile clip which will need enough clips.

Instead of old newspaper or recycled stock cards, we could also make use of old gift cards or met cards (not available anymore now) or discontinued membership/business cards, which are more solid.  Preferably choose one with a lighter and clearer background or totally clear on the other side, otherwise a sticker will be required but at least, it will be once-off only.  Punch a hole (if there isn't a hole already) and tie the string directly onto the card so no clips required.  Now my son collects those kinds of cards....