Sustainable seafood

Posted by Karen Cheah on Tue 29 July 2014

We love seafood, especially fish.  It is our favourite source of protein.  However, good quality Australian seafood is quite expensive so we don't have fish as often as we would like to.   It is tempting to eat the cheap and easily available imported seafood but I believe that will take us down the same road as America's seafood nightmare.  I've already spied NZ fish that are processed and packed in China in the frozen section.

Apart from checking prices and origins, we also have to consider if a particular type of seafood is being overfished.  You can surmise to say that it is really not that easy trying to be a responsible fish eater.  If you read "Sustainable seafood is a fantasy", you might just decide to skip seafood after all.

The Sustainable Seafood Guide app might be useful to help us with our sustainable gastronomic endeavours.