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Bedford Park Community Garden

Have you heard about the Community Garden for Bedford Road Central Community Centre? Our very own Robin Hallett with all his...

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WICK-Ed Garden Bed display

TTMaroondah will be hosting a demonstration portable, fully recycled, locally made wicking bed at Earth Hour from 1 to 4pm. Several...

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July 2016 Permaculture Swap

The good folks over at the Outer Eastern Permaculture Swap will be giving a talk on how to make a cold frame/ mini hot house at this...

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Three sisters planting - Summer 2015

This summer we decided to try planting the “three sisters”: corn, beans, and pumpkin/zucchini. I have heard that this is a traditional...

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Open Gardens Australia

We visited one of the Open Gardens over the weekend and it was truly inspiring! It is really great that Open Gardens Australia, a...

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