The Years of Living Dangerously

Posted by Pam French on Thu 20 November 2014

SBS are showing the first in the 9 part series, ’The Years of Living Dangerously’, starting next Tuesday, 25th November, at 10.00 pm.

I would love to think that you all could watch this. I have seen most in the series and can recommend them enthusiastically. If 10.00 pm is too late for you, you will be able to see it on SBS On Demand afterward.

See Arnold Schwarzenegger in a new light!!!

The series won the 2014 Emmy Award for Outstanding Nonfiction Series. It was produced by James Cameron (Avatar) and includes high profile journalists and celebrities such as Arnie, Harrison Ford, Matt Damon and Jessica Alba who document the state of the climate in different parts of the world.

P.S. You might like to watch Michael Mosely’s , ‘The Truth About Meat’ now available on the SBS website, On Demand.