Posted by Pam French on Tue 04 August 2015


Several TTM people attended an excellent Forum on Trees last month in Boronia, where we heard from Anna Foley (National Trust), Ian Shears (Melbourne City Council) and Greg Moore (University of Melbourne – Burnley campus.

From their presentations we gleaned the following for you to consider:

Did you know?

  • A good tree in a front garden adds \$5,000 to a domestic property.
  • Australians will pay an extra \$35,000 for a \$500,000 house in a green leafy suburb.
  • Leafy suburbs have less vandalism.
  • Trees actually reduce blood pressure.
  • Trees and shrubs planted together can reduce noise levels.
  • Trees remove airborne pollutants, especially along roadways.
  • Trees humidify air and help reduce hay fever and asthma.
  • Trees stabilize soil on steep slopes.
  • Trees drop temperatures by up to 8°C, reduce air-conditioner use and reduce carbon emissions? (Estimates put the savings at between 12 to 15% per annum).
  • A tree on a nature strip can add 30% to property value compared to treeless strips.

And all this has not mentioned the health benefits such as relaxation, lessening of tension and depression in treed leafy areas.

There is much publicity given to falling branches but, in actual numbers, injuries are very few. You are much more likely to be hurt walking along the pavement – to say nothing of travelling in a car!

So …. Please think seriously before you cut down that tree!

If you know of any wonderfully significant trees that you consider may be in the heritage category or just plain magnificent you can contact the National Trust and nominate it to be registered. Councils check this list. BUT – there are very few listed in the Outer East – so please start nominating. The form can be found at :