VCAT hearing

Posted by Pam French on Mon 26 June 2017

Members of TTM are frantically trying to prepare for the VCAT Hearing on the 3rd of July. We feel rather insignificant and naive knowing as we do, that the developers have 4 expert witnesses.

The Ringwood East Residents Action Group has been formed, we held a public meeting (70+ attended), and there should be an article in the Leader this week.

All this is, of course, addressing the 4 storey, 20 apartments planned for no 1 Laurence Grove Ringwood East. The council does not approve and the developers have taken it to VCAT. They submitted new plans today, 5 days before the Hearing. It is now 18 apartments!

We are asking people to come along to the VCAT Hearing at Monday, 3rd July at 1.00pm - in the city. We will gather at the Ringwood East station somewhere around 11.00.

We need YOU! Apparently numbers can matter at the Hearing and you will love to be part of the community spirit we have in our little village.

Any questions? 0425 803 532 is the number to ring.

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